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Kitchen designers are the central figures in kitchen renovation, design, remodelling, and updating projects. They help you determine how much space you need to properly house appliances and a workspace and help you with the tough aspects of designing parts such as islands, kitchen cabinetry, etc. You can also discuss building materials, themes and colours, patterns and room layout with your kitchen designer. However, getting the best kitchen designers Gold Coast can be difficult. There are hundreds of these professionals in the field, but only a few Gold Coast kitchen renovations and design companies can live up to their word. 

At Kitchens Gold Coast, we have the best kitchen designers to help you design your dream kitchen. By doing an amazing job, we have amassed a client base that trusts us to deliver. 

Kitchen Designers

Why Hire A Kitchen Designer for Your Kitchen Design?

Many people believe that they give up their power and creativity when hiring a professional kitchen designer to get the job done. This cannot be further from the truth, as hiring a professional to do the job can be beneficial. For starters, you would just be putting your space in the hands of someone who understands exactly what needs to be done to achieve your dream kitchen. If you are gearing up for a major kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation project, then you need to have our seasoned professionals by your side for all your needs. We will ensure that the project is completed efficiently, on time and stylishly. 

Further, hiring a kitchen designer for your projects can help you cut the costs of a renovation project. Today, many Australia rely on do-it-yourself projects, forgetting just how much these projects could cost them in the long run if they go wrong. From getting the wrong materials to lacking proper skills, renovating a kitchen by yourself may not be possible and may cause more harm than good. 

If you are looking for a professional kitchen design company to help you with all your kitchen-related needs, you should reach out to Kitchens Gold Coast and enjoy the best of Australia’s kitchen design, renovation and remodelling. We are the trusted experts in Gold Coast, and be sure that we will deliver according to your expectations and beyond. 

What to Do Before Meeting Your Kitchen Designers

Below we describe some of the things to consider before meeting your kitchen designer:


You need to ensure that you have a budget in mind as you set out to hire a kitchen designer. 

While it is difficult to tell exactly how much a kitchen remodel Australia will cost, the rough estimate stands at approximately $24,000. These costs can fluctuate from about $14,000 to $35,000, depending on different factors. Ideally, we recommend that our clients set a budget equal to approximately 10 to 15% of the home’s total value, as this will mean spending just the right amount on upgrading the kitchen. 

Return on Investment

Most kitchens that have been remodelled improve the resale value of a home. In a case where remodel projects cost around $22,000, there is an 80.55 recoup at resale. However, overspending may not lead to a high resale value.

While these two maybe some of the top considerations, you will need to make when renovating your kitchen, remember that a kitchen has to be functional, have a beautiful design and increase efficiency. A kitchen designer will do a wonderful job by ensuring these are his top priorities. 

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Renovation Project

At Kitchens Gold Coast, we do not send cabinet makers to you. Instead, we offer you the opportunity to work with a real kitchen designer for the best results. During the initial consultation, we will meet you at your home to see the amazing kitchen we could come up with. Together, we will go through your needs and provide you with a written quote that will guide us through the entire kitchen renovations phase. Therefore, you should not be afraid to reach out to us when you need us the most. Whether you need a change in kitchen cabinets or would like to spruce up your kitchen with colour, we are the ultimate professionals to reach out to. 

Apart from our professional service, we have qualified designers with lengthy experience in the market. This means that we understand how the trends evolve, and we respect the needs of our clients. Therefore, we can advise accordingly depending on your needs, making us a good choice.

We design and manufacture all our kitchens according to the needs of our clients. We incorporate software such as palette CAD to design your dream kitchen and ensure accuracy as we go on to make high-quality kitchens. From custom-made cabinets to the finer details, we ensure that everything fits the best way possible. 

As one of the best kitchen renovations companies in Gold Coat and beyond, we understand that one of the biggest hindrances is getting quality service at an affordable rate for kitchen renovation. While hundreds of kitchen renovation companies in Gold Coast, most of them charge the client higher fees to achieve quality results. However, we ensure that sourcing quality parts do not overcharge our clients at an affordable price. So no matter what the needs are for your new kitchen, we can get it for you. 

Our company provides a free measure and quote for you at the comfort of your home. When we visit, we can see the space we are working on and consider everything we will need throughout the entire process before giving a final quote. As a top kitchen installer and kitchen connection company, we provide you with any custom design you might want for your basic or luxury kitchen. You will experience peace of mind knowing we have your interests at heart throughout the planning process to the later stages. 

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