Kitchen Renovations Gold Coast

Today more than ever, the kitchen is more than just a space designated for cooking. Families share meals here, and they can come together and relax in the kitchen after a long day. But what if your kitchen needs renovation? Who do you contact and trust will do an amazing job that will make you extremely happy as a homeowner?

Kitchens Gold Coast is the ultimate answer. As one of Gold Coast’s top kitchen renovation and design companies, we offer the ultimate solution when you need a kitchen expert to come to your rescue. We plan your renovation with the space and aesthetics in mind while paying attention to details that allow you to do awesome things like hold gatherings or other forms of entertainment in your kitchen. 

Why Should You Renovate Your Kitchen?

If you wonder whether a renovation is the right choice for you, you are not alone. Below we discuss some of the reasons to choose renovating in the Gold Coast:

Personal Taste

If you buy a house, you are likely purchasing the tastes and preferences of another person. Therefore, everything in the kitchen is bound to be foreign, from cabinetry to the colours and design style. Furthermore, the kitchen style may be from the past decades, and trends are quickly evolving, which means you will not get contemporary kitchen styles and layouts in some homes. If this is your case, a remodel is the best way to achieve savvy, more modern styles for your kitchen.

Encourage Homemade Meals

Looking for reasons to get in the kitchen and enjoy making a healthy meal for your family? A kitchen renovation is the answer. As the rest of Australia gravitates towards more healthy cooking trends, do not be left behind. Count on us when you need a company to carry out your Gold Coast renovation. Brand new counters, cabinets, or styles may encourage you to get to your kitchen and cook some healthy meals you can enjoy with your entire family.

Boost Resale Value

Did you know that a kitchen renovation project can increase the value of your home? We are the ultimate kitchen design experts who will ensure your home’s value goes up. We help you set a realistic budget when renovating and continue to advise you throughout the process on what’s best for your kitchen, and in extension, your home.

Party Time

Looking for the best space to entertain your friends and guests within the home/ Many people who love the idea of hanging out at home use the kitchen as a social area where the guests can enjoy endless bouts of laughter or hang out. Your new kitchen will allow guests to interact freely if properly set up for this purpose.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen ?

Kitchen renovations in Australia may cost anything between $12,000 to $30000 depending on factors such as size and materials. One other major contributing factor to kitchen costs in Australia is moving the locations of major installations such as your sink and stove, which affects electrical sockets and plumbing points. Therefore, your new kitchen layout, location, and size determine prices. 

To minimize renovation costs, you may have to stick to your kitchen’s original floor plan. You will also have to retain the position of windows and doors. Instead, you can spice up your kitchen’s look with your choice of accessories and colour. From tabletops, cabinets to other accessories such as bar stools can help you turn around your kitchen’s looks. Some clients opt for eclectic kitchen styles to display their cooking ware and show off different colours. You could go for a rustic look or contemporary styles, depending on your tastes. Some people prefer retro styles, especially if their kitchens are from the 50s and 60s eras. 

You should also retain your kitchen appliances if they still work as this will help you cut down costs. You can replace those you think will stop working soon and put in new appliances. Go for models that will suit your kitchen and get the job done. We advise our clients to go for energy-rated products to save you money in the long term. 

Laminate is also affordable and economical for those looking to save costs. Therefore, you can use this for splashbacks and countertops. Thankfully, there are various colours to choose from, and the prices vary, starting from $170 per metre. You can also opt for bamboo or stainless steel countertops, but these can be more expensive. You can use ceramic for your splashbacks and play with patterns and colours. You can discuss your options with our kitchen designers and other experts that will come work with you as you await your new kitchen.

Why Choose Kitchens Gold Coast for Kitchen Renovation?

Professional Service from a Top Gold Coast Kitchen Design and renovations company. When you reach out to us to handle your project, you can expect nothing but a qualified team of builders, installers, and designers to come through your door. Whether you need qualified cabinet makers or new kitchen designers to come to your rescue, we will deliver. We do a wonderful job in Burleigh Heads Australia and bring the dream kitchen to each of our customers’ homes. 

Quality Kitchen Finishes, Accessories and Appliances

Whether you are seeking a quality Australian kitchen cabinetry or even a more laid back European hardware finish for your kitchen, we are the experts who will deliver a quality kitchen. As your kitchen connection in Australia, we offer quality materials to ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our kitchen renovations Gold Coast. Therefore, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you are in the best hands. 

Cost-Effective Prices

One of the reasons why our clients come to us is because of our cost-effective prices.

Kitchen renovations in Gold Coast are expensive. However, many Kitchen renovation Gold Coast companies blow their prices out of proportion to make profits from kitchen design and renovation projects. At Kitchens Gold Coast, we value our clients, which is why we offer the best kitchen design and source for the highest-quality materials for custom made cabinets and price our services fairly. As a result, clients all over Gold Coast have trusted our kitchen designers and other professionals to deliver quality kitchens for many years. 

Reach out to Us For Kitchen Renovations 

As one of Gold Coast’s top kitchen renovations experts, we know exactly what you need. Call us today and spruce up your kitchen by allowing us to do the hard work for you. as you enjoy the results.